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New Clients Wanted!

Hey everyone, some of you already know, I’ve been attending the Institute For Integrative Nutrition (IIN) founded by Joshua Rosenthal.

I’m absolutely loving it, I’m learning so much and I can’t wait to start working with all of you. And I’m getting ready to move into the next phase of the schooling and I’m looking for some Charter Clients as I continue to build the services that I provide at FITNESS TO A T. Please submit your information to learn more.

“The Institute” just started making their main textbook Integrative Nutrition available for free as a download! Seriously, no obligation. Normally the hardcover costs $25 bucks.

A lot of you have emailed me with questions about IIN, so I thought you would really like this.

Now, this isn’t the whole curriculum, but I thought many of you might be either curious about what the school teaches and this will give you a taste or you just might want some extra ammo for a healthy start to 2017.

And by the way, it’s free! And I’m always trying to look out for you!

Just click on the picture of the book and fill in your email address to get your free digital copy.

Enjoy! And if you want, come back and tell me if you learned anything interesting.

And don’t forget to share the love! Feel free to let your friends know about the free digital book offer.

Peace, love, and veggies!

Teela. A.K.A Fitness to a T